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AP Course Syllabus
Summer Assignment 2013
E-book Registration for America's History

Unit One

Unit 1 Syllabus
Chap 2 Guided Reading Questions
PPT The English Colonies
Chap 3 Guided Reading Questions
PPT New England & Middle Colonies
Chap 4 Guided Reading Questions
PPT Class, Culture & Conflict in Colonial America
Bacon's Rebellion Comic
FRQ & DBQ APUSH College Board Rubric
PPT French & Indian War

Unit Two

Unit 2 Syllabus
Sons of Liberty Article
Degler Seminar Article 1
Wood Seminar Article 2
US Constitution Notes
PPT Mercantilism & Causes of the Revolution
PPT Revolutionary War
PPT Washington & Adams Presidency
Unit 2 DBQ Commentary
Unit 2 DBQ DOcuments
Alexander Hamilton Documentary
PPT Chapter 11
PPT War of 1812/Era of Good Feelings
John Marshall's Supreme Court
Era of Good Feelings & Sectionalism

Unit Three
Unit 3 Syllabus
Chap 12 Slavery in 19th century America
God in America:2nd Great Awakening
Chapter 11 Guided Reading
Andrew Jackson Webquest
PPT 19th Century Intellectual Movements
Second Great Awakening & Reform Movements
Unit Three Seminar
Reading Jackson as a Humanitarian
Reading YES Reformers were fanatics
Reading No Reformers were not fanatics
Chapter 13 Guided Reading
Market Economy & Slavery PPT

Mexican War Zinn Reading
Answers to 19th Century Gallery Walk
PPT Ch 13 & 17

Unit 4

Unit 4 Syllabus
Civil War Project
CivWar Notes for Simulation
Dred Scott Article
Slavery & National Expansionism
Getting the Civil War RIght
Economic Causes of the CW
Political Causes of the CW
Social Causes of the CW
Civil War Labor
Lincoln Political Cartoons
Civil War Map
Lincoln & African Americans
Civil War DBQ -Primary Sources
PPT Civil War
Reconstruction Article
Pageant Ch22 and 23
Reconstruction Seminar Ques.

Unit 5

Unit 5 Syllabus
Frontier Thesis Article
Movie Review Extra Credit
Winter Break Assignment Pageant Chapter 24
Pageant Ch 25
PPT Politics of the Gilded Age
Pageant Ch 26
PPT Urbanization & Architecture
PPT Second Industrial Revolution
PPT Indians & Dawes Act
Midterm Review