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Final Exam Review Supplement

APUSH Practice Exam
Master SFI List
AP Exam Review Outline
Exam Essay Writing Presentation for CSTEM
Economic History 1890-1980
Presidency 1868-1896

Unit 6 The Progressive Era & Imperialism
Unit 6 Syllabus
1. Progressive Era PPT
2. Ida Tarbell Article http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com/history/2012/07/the-woman-who-took-on-the-tycoon/#.UPiMgBERlvo.email
3. American Imperialism PPT
4. WEB Du Bois Reading & Questions
5. Marcus Garvey & The Rise of Black Nationalism
6. Remember The Maine Article
7. American Impressionist Art Article http://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/paris.html?c=y&page=1#
8. The Lion in the Path: Imperialism Article
9. International Perspectives Activity
Unit 7 The Emerging World Power, Wresting with Modernity: The Great War, Normalcy, Depression & War Again
WWI Trench Warfare
2. Versailles Conference & League of Nations Readings
3. 1920s Readings & Questions

4. PPT Notes The Roaring 20s
5. PPT Great Depression
6. 1920s Presentation Vocab P1B
7. 1920s Presentation Vocab P2A
8. The Interwar Years PPT
9. Dr. Suees Goes to War
10. WWII WH refresher notes

Unit 8 The US as a Superpower (1945-1994)
1.Unit 8 Syllabus
2. Ch 25 & 26 Guided Reading Questions
3. Early Cold War PPT
4. 1950's America
5. I have a dream speech transcript
6. Civil Rights Seminar
7. Post-WWII Economic Recovery Activity
8.Cold War WH refresher notes
9. 1950's Reading A-f
1950's Reading G-O
1950's Reading P-Z
10. The 1960's PPT
12. Ch38 Guided Reading Questions
13. Ch39 Guided Reading Questions
14. Primary Source Readings of the 60s I
17.Ch40 Guided Reading Questions
18.Carter-Reagan Primary Sources
19. 1970s - 80s PPT
20. Clinton Era Primary Sources
21. Chap 41 Pageant Guided Reading wksts for p. 989-1011


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Vietname DBQ Prompt & Documents
Reagan Prompt
Reagan Documents

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